MK 8:00 AM opening

When MK opens at 8:00 AM do they allow guests into mainstreet and the hub at 7:00 AM?

I think it is still about 7:45.

Do you remember where you got that info? All I can find is that main street opens 60 minutes before official opening. But I couldn’t find out if that means a 7 AM opening for 8AM official opening.

Try this link. It points out that all guests get in but only onsite get through the check points st 8:00.

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I didn’t make myself clear. I was referring to an 8 AM park open instead of 9 AM. Not an EMH but the whole park opens at 8 AM. For example this happens on certain busy days. I believe the next time it happens is July 3.

I posted this question on chat hoping to get a report from someone who has experienced it. There have been what 5-10 of those days?

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First responses says not 7:00- closer to 8.

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Yes there was a couple weeks near Easter where it was opening at 8. Also, it will be opening at 8 on 7/3 when I will be there. Every thing I have seen points to 7 AM (including a touring plans youtube video). But I havent been able to find a definitive answer.