MK 4.27 - observations

Just got back from Orlando visit with my adult daughter. Lines had the crowd size as a 6, and now shows 5. It had to be more. We finished riding the big rides around 1 and had nothing more under a 45 minute wait (except for shows) until after 7:30 and it was so crowded we couldn’t find a place to sit down in the shade and have a cold drink! Even the stores were even unbelievably crowded and it took an hour to exit the park after the 10 pm fireworks show. I don’t want to sound like a whiner but I really don’t remember the crowds being this bad when I used to take my kids in the 90’s. :frowning:

That said, I have 2 questions…

  • When did they change Pirates of the Caribbean to eliminate “Show 'em your larboard side”? That was my favorite line in any park and any attraction!
  • I remember a Little Mermaid attraction that was more of a little show than the current “under the sea”. Anyone know what I am remembering? We visited MK about every couple of years from about 1995 until 2002.

That LM attraction is in HS

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It was pretty busy in MK last night. We were surprised, having spent 0800-1200 there with joking unusual to be noticed crowd-wise.

The fireworks were at 9 last night.

What was your mode of transport after the fireworks? My family took some time to ride two rides, have a snack, shop (mad house but lines moved quickly), and take photos but were still on our way via monorail by 2300 and in room soon thereafter. The monorails at least came quickly and often. Much more so than at other times of the day.

We took the monorail to the parking lot. We left right around 11p and the crowd seemed outrageous. We waited through at least 4 trains before we could get on, and that was after they started letting day guests use the resort guest trains. Maybe you came after the bottleneck was resolved. I just checked the annual attendance since 2001. It seems that attendance has increased by almost 50% since the years when we were coming often. That would explain why the place seemed more crowded. It was.


This was the latest change to Pirates where the auctioning of the women was removed and the redhead become a Pirate and the auction became about chickens. I think the re-open was around a month ago with the re-done scene…