MK 2 1/2 Day Plan

I’m working on my MK 2 1/2 Day plan and would like some feedback. On Day 1, is my morning good or should I re-arrange the order of Ariel/Under the Sea/Enchanted Tales W/ Belle and Dumbo to maximize wait times better? Are my FP good? I haven’t booked yet just planning for Thanksgiving week! I am afraid we will be late to dinner if we watch a Frozen Holiday Wish on Day 1 so we may need to move it to Day 2? On Day 1 we will try for a 4th FP for Barnstormer and another one for Splash or BTMRR, but is this realistic to find 3 night time FP for one of these 2 rides at around 4 pm on a Sunday? Here is Day 1:

For Day 2, we will plan to try for a 4th FP for Tomorrowland Speedway. Astro Orbiter shows such a long wait we may skip that one. We also want to try to do Tom Sawyer since we have never done it, so is this a good place to fit it in? i know it does not go with our flow but I don’t want to waste a morning doing it when lines are shorter and they close early so we can’t do it in the evening! I am no sure what else to do in the evening on Day 2 so I have left it open to catch any shows or missed rides. How does this look?

Our 3rd day is Thanksgiving and we will Rope Drop Frontierland and then stay in Adventureland until our lunch at LTT, then get out when it gets crowded and hop to AK!

Couple of questions or considerations.

Getting from the Holiday Wishes to Skipper canteen isn’t giving you much time given the likely crowds around the Hub. It’s probably doable but bear in mind lay like you to be “checking in” 10 minutes early, so you may have a wait until your table is ready.

Where are you planning to watch OUAT? Your plan shows a likely 20 minute wait for BTMR, which will take you until 9pm, that’s not a lot of leeway to get back to the Hub. And if those wait times change you may miss it altogether.

Edit for day 2:

Have you got kids, and how old? 30 minutes on Tom Sawyer Island isn’t long. Mine loved playing there and we often spent an hour or more, more like 2 often. 30 minutes is barely enough time to walk through all the caves, over to the fort and back through the tunnel, without any time to actually play. It’s a great chilling out place to take a break with places for you to sit down too.

Personally I doubt you’ll make it back to the Friendship Fabre. Don’t forget you have to wait for a raft to get back. Missing FF would give you an hour, more realistic and you only need to walk round to Liberty Square for the Muppets.

Thank you! I am hoping for a FP for BTMRR, and maybe we could see Frozen Holiday Wish on the second night and move up our dinner a bit? I don’t know about where we will watch OAT. Any suggestions? I have it on our schedule for both nights in case there’s weather or something and we miss it one night. My kids are 8 and 13. We well want to stay there longer since we’ve skipped it every time so I will adjust that.

To be honest I don’t know if I have seen it! We were last there at Christmas, there was the show where the castle was all lit up, and pictures of guests projected onto it. I think that was the old show, and OUAT started after that.

I think though you need to be in the Hub or close by to see the projections properly.

Yeah, I think we will try to Fp BTMRR and get to OUAT as soon as possible. I have updated a bit. Anyone else? Do my FP plans look okay?