MK 12/27&12/28 (EMH days, but staying offsite)

We are first time visitors, going to MK on 12/27 and 12/28 (we know it will be super busy, but had to do those dates). Furthermore, we are staying off-site, and unfortunately both days have 7-8am EMH.

  1. How does entry to the park / to Fantasyland work for non-resort guests on EMH days (i.e., with the current opening procedure, do they let us into the park but then we can’t enter Fantasyland until 8am sharp)?

  2. As might be expected, there were no 7DMT FP’s available by the time we could book them. If we got in line for 7DMT as soon as we were allowed, does anyone have a guess as to how long the wait would be? The touring plans software seems to think we’d have an 8:19 arrival to the ride and a 21min wait, but everything I read anywhere makes me think the wait might already be like 90 minutes? Are we silly to even bother with 7DMT at all during our brief two-day visit?

  3. As a sidenote, despite MK being forecasted as a 9 and a 10 on those dates, the individual ride wait time forecasts for those dates (as well as those used in the customized touring plans calculations) look more like a 3, is there some bug of which I should be aware?


I’ll wait for someone who is a better expert answer 1, as for your other questions:

  1. I’m pretty certain on those days 7DMT will be an hour wait already during EMH so you are more likely looking at 60-90mins after it. Sounds like a glitch on TP wait times to me? That said, its one of the best rides in MK imo so personally I would still go. I’ve waited for nearly 2h before and its probably the only MK ride I’d wait for that long. There are a couple of games in the line for kids that make for at least a tiny pit stop compared to just standing. But its up to you of course

  2. Again this sounds like a glitch to me. Check out wait times for 2017 for comparison

What goes for those dates in general, I’ve been researching them quite a bit as we will also spend a few days there, it will definitely be extremely busy but with planning and realistic expectations you will be fine. Pick a few must-go rides, get FP’s for what you can, eat an early lunch as at noon it will be packed everywhere.

I believe you will be allowed to enter the park but won’t be allowed in any rides until official opening. Note EMH is only tomorrow land and fantasyland. You’ll be better off heading to adventure land or frontier land at park opening as there won’t be any line for those as all the onsite guests should be at the lands open for EMH. I don’t imagine shorter than a 90 minute wait for 7DMT. Total waste of time especially for first time visitors. The ride is cute but VERY SHORT. IMO you’ll have more fun riding big thunder 3 times with little to no wait instead of standing in line for 1 ride.

If you’re front of the pack and standing at the entrance of 7DM at 8am you might get to ride with less than 30 mins wait, but any later I’d head to the other side of the park first. With those crowd levels the parks will be fully staffed and everything will be running to full capacity so your wait times might not be wrong. Even with EMH you’ll be able to get a lot done between 8-10, I wouldn’t waste that time standing in just one line.

I’m in the same situation! Wondering what time to get to the parking lot (7?) to get to MK in time for RD at 8, and whether to enjoy the early short lines elsewhere in the park, or wait for 7 Dwarves right away. I know we want to ride 7 Dwarves, but maybe line up during a parade?

Thanks for the info that EMH is only Fantasy and Tomorrow lands. Sounds like Frontier might be the place to head??

Last years data for dec 27th shows as follows for 7DMT observed wait times:

7:29AM - 30 min
7:53AM - 45 min
8:11AM - 60 min
8:37AM - 90 min
8:49AM - 125 min

Not saying that each year is a copy of the prior one, but to me these seem like realistic times for the upcoming time unless there is something norably different between these years.