Mixed messages about Fantasmic!

I am reading old posts about Fantasmic and getting mixed messages. Can anyone who has been there recently attest to how long you’d have to line up to see Fantasmic without a package or FPP? I have a package at H&V at 4:30 but 1) I don’t want to eat that early and 2) I would rather keep my lunch reservation at 50’s Prime Time, which I have loved in the past, then eat at H&V at all.

I want to sit in somewhat decent seats (in other words not be stuck in the very front getting wet) but I don’t need to be in the best seats in the house. How early would I need to line up?


I think all the seats at fantasmic offer a relatively good view APART from the ones at the very back (behind the walkway where everyone enters and leaves from)

Those seats are overflow and have a really poor view

I think as long as you are at the arena 30 mins before you wouldn’t have to sit in the overflow seats

We got there 10 mins before and just escaped having to sit in them

It’s a big arena

It really depends on crowd level and number of shows. On a crowded day with one show, I’d be there at least 60 min prior (which is why I never do F! anymore without a dining package). But on a night with a second show, I’ve walked in 15 min prior to the second show to a half-full arena.