Mix of Magic Band + and Apple Watch?

Hi there! I have a question about having a combination of ways to manage accounts/access LLs. I will be the planner, managing LLs for everyone during our trip. The core group is me, DH, DD and MIL. We also have SIL staying with us 3 nights and 1 park day. In addition my sister, her boyfriend and his mom will be joining us for 1 park day (not staying with us). We are all staying at AKL.

DD and I have MB+ and I believe everyone else (except MIL) has Apple Watches so should be able to access LL through Magic Mobile. I’m planning on getting MIL a MB+ and maybe DH but he has a watch. Is it fine if everyone has different ways to access LLs? I have everyone linked to my account. I’m managing DD, MIL and SIL. SIL will be accessing EEH with us but my sister and her group will not. We will most likely not do early entry.

Other than MIL, should I get anyone else a MB+?

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Magic bands and the Apple Watches both work for lightening lanes and you can mix and match the tech in your group. One thing to keep in mind is that the Apple Watch won’t open your hotel room


Will Apple Watches work for picking up ride photos?

Ooo no I don’t believe so. Thanks for bringing that up!