Mix and match tickets

Ok, for my upcoming solo business trip, I was able to get two cast member comp tickets from my brother in law, add them to MDE, all is good. I want to buy a ticket for one more day while I’m down there.

The cast member tickets are park hoppers, which I plan to make use of on two of the days that I’m down there. The ticket I want to buy would be for my last day where I basically have the afternoon and evening, and wouldn’t park hop.

I assume that because the ticket would be tied to a specific day that the system will be smart enough to use the other tickets on the other days I’m there? I wouldn’t want to use my non-park Hopper on one of the days I want to park hop. But then again, MDE is glitchy. Anyone have any experience with something like this?

I don’t think the system is that smart …


You can go to guest services and get them to prioritise your tickets. It still doesn’t mean it will work…but they can fix it if it uses the wrong one.


This. And if you’re going to MK at all the Liberty Square office is the best often nobody there.