Mission Space news update!



I took this from a different article, that I also found today.

(Meanwhile, changes at the Mission: Space attraction will happen sometime next month. The green mission (aka the less intense side) will have a visual tour of our home planet. (An Imagineer referred to it as “Soarin’ Around Earth.”) The orange mission — the more intense side — will be updated to “an even more visually stunning trip to Mars,” according to the blog)

It seems that the green will be a completely different ride? Orange sounds like it’s being brought up to high definition? Guess I will have to ride both if they are up and running when I go in early Sept.

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not to be Debbie Downer - but fully miss HORIZONS. It was quite possibly the “embodiment” of EPCOT. It brought together all the elements of EPCOT and presented it in this positive, obtainable and exciting way. I understand the reasoning for its removal (and no it is not due to a sink hole). I think it is great that Mission SPACE is getting a facelift - but it is a FIAT compared to the BMW that HORIZONS was

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Great new. Weeks away according to this article.

Looks like there’s a date now!

I should have just put this here, instead of making a new thread. Oops!


But when can we get our FPPs?!


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This. As soon as I saw it, I was on MDE. We’ve got a trip in early September and I’ve got a free FP waiting for this occasion.

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Same here. If anyone notices when the fpp are available please post asap.

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It’s up now!

(edited to add:) I just made mine.


Got one!


Yes! I just made FPs. It’s still just listed as Mission: Space, so we will have to keep an eye on things to see if the Earth one shows up later. Or maybe they will still let you choose after entering.

I just got Mission Space now. Totally unexpected - I was just browsing for an earlier time for FEA! So glad I saved a FP for MS so I could just lock it in. There were quite a few time slots too.