Mission: SPACE Green for a 5-yr-old?

To my shock and amazement DS5 measured 45" this morning (he was 40" in January)! Our EPCOT TP has DH and DD7 doing Mission: SPACE Green while DMIL, DD3, DS5 and I do Spaceship Earth, but now DS5 is excited about going on the big kid rides. I’m concerned. How intense is M:SG? He’s not exactly timid (loves a physical thrill), but he still hates going in the bathroom when the lights are off. Do you think he’d like it or be reduced to tears?
Thanks, Liners!

Obviously, it is hard to make a blanket statement for kids - my DD has a much lower tolerance for thrill rides than my DS at the same age.

But, Riding MS Green wasn’t really bad at all, no complete barrel rolls or anything, just kind of bouncy to simulate the flight and landing. Also, it is not that dark as you always have a screen and dashboard. (It is a confined space, which I know my DD and DW would not like, but you can peek over and talk the whole time.)

If that all doesn’t bother him, if he’s like my DS he’ll probably love the fact that everyone gets a job (Pilot, Navigator, etc) and there are a ton of buttons and switches to fiddle with - including a specialized task for whichever jobs he gets. (Doesn’t matter if anyone does the task or not, but it makes it feel more real that they are supposed to do something.)

Here’s a POV video of the ride someone posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrPRSYsveWE

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You know your own kid best. My son has been riding thrill rides at our local Six Flags since he was 5 (including a ride that’s a cobra roll into a loop, and then the same thing reversed). My daughter who’s almost 11 now won’t ride that ride once. He loved Tower of Terror; it was his favorite. She got freaked out on Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s hard to say without knowing the kid.

Mission Space isn’t dark; there’s a big video screen right in front of you, and a bunch of switches and such on a lighted panel in front of you. I’ve only ridden the Orange version, and that’s definitely a physical thrill.

My DS5 loves ms:green. Like others said, only you really know your kids. It’s a little bumpy, and you’re kind of enclosed, so if he gets claustrophobic that might be a problem. Generally, if my kids want to try a ride (and they’re tall enough, obviously) I let them. We haven’t had any long-term scarring yet. (Unless if you count the fact that DD4 is convinced that at least some of the dinosaurs on the Dino ride at AK are real, and that we narrowly escaped death-by-Dino, and dd10 held on for dear life in all descending elevators for weeks after riding TOT ;).

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Here are some things about MS:G you may not see in a video…your child can hear you and touch your hand (assuming you’re sitting in the next seat), but CANNOT see you or climb in your lap if he gets scared. A coaster-style shoulder bar comes down over each guest’s head, and your son will be confined to his seat for the duration.

Backpedalling from the fear factor…there’s a video screen to watch, buttons and levers to toggle and a joystick to “drive” the ship. All these things are cool! And the ride itself (green) is no bumpier than any other ride simulator you may have seen at malls or other amusement parks. But if your DS gets spooked, and likes to look at you or grab you or climb on you when he gets worried (my DS 6 fits this category!), keep the above advisory in mind!

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DS5 loves the video games at Dave & Busters or the Zone where he can climb into a pod/car/spaceship, shut the door, buckle up and “fly” or “drive” the thing while shooting the daylights out of the “bad” guys. M:SG sounds like it might be right up his alley!

Thanks for all the great info.
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The ride is mild but the build up before getting on the ride can be intimidating. My DD at 21 ducked out at the last minute along with most of the other kids (who were teenagers) in our rocket ship. She later had regrets and went back and rode the ride with me and liked it.

It really depends on the child (or adult).

My DS 5 liked it ok my DD 7 hated it. Both ride roller coasters infact BTMRR favorite ride at MK and bigger coasters in other parks. On our “mission” I think someone got on in another “ship” but wanted off b/c claustrophobia. It is tight. So from the time we were buckled in and closed was around 7- 10 minutes. That’s a LONG TIME even for adults with the tight quarters and nothing really going on. The “ship” was dark part of the time. My DD started to freak out and I myself was getting tired of waiting and wondering what was going on. She won’t even go close to the building now (2 years later).