Mission Space & Advanced Training Lab

Does anyone know. Does the 15 min allotment for Mission Space in the TP include Advanced Training Lab, there is not a separate choice for it. If not, how long does Advanced Training Lab take?

The Advanced Training Lab is the area after the attraction. There is a playscape for little ones and then there is a big multi-player video game for older kids & adults.

The time in here can vary quite a bit. The first variable is if you have kids that want to play in the thing for them. Then, if older ones would like to take part in the game, you may have to wait for either enough people or the next round.

So, you could walk right through, or you could spend an hour. It all depends on if it interests you in the least.

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Ok, I see, I guess that’s just one of those flexible things. This is where I’m truly going to be tested, will be my biggest hurdle, I will need to constantly remind myself to be “FLEXIBLE” it is vacation after all.

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We’ve done both, depending on the situation. Sometimes, especially if we’re hungry or have a fastpass for something, we blow right though it and past the gift shop and back to touring.

If it’s relatively empty in the ATL, we’ll hang out for a bit because we have more control over the time we spend there. If it’s packed, you are subject to the whims of dozens of people.

If I felt the need to do a detailed plan, I’d probably put 30 min in; that’s about the amount of time I can spend there (unless I hanging out waiting for rain to stop) If you just walk through, then you’re ahead.

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Thanks guys. What a great idea @bswan26, ill do that, then if they aren’t interested I got free time.