Missing the magic

My phone just popped up with a new little video montage and it was entitled “Disney 2018”. I watched it and got all the heart feels. January 2018 was the first time we took our kids and we had so much fun. So happy feels. But then so sad because I really don’t know how long it’ll be before we’re again able to experience the magic like we did pre-Covid. :pensive:

I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way it just hit me hard watching that video. Sigh.

This was the best, most insane trip. I made my fam hang in the parks from PPO to fireworks like 3 days straight. They love me for sure. Can’t wait to take them back. :crossed_fingers:t3: we get to go in May. 216 more days.

Look how itty my babies were. :heart_eyes:


Someday! Hopefully before too much time has passed! Great pictures!


Let’s hope a vaccine is found soon so we can all go back. Hopefully to a WDW similar to the past with everything open.


Oh that picture with Belle is melting my heart! It’s so adorable!!!


Right? That little 3 y/o girl was so entranced. :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hope you and @Julianne_fki are right! I can’t wait to celebrate that day. I think I’ll have a big old mask burning bonfire. :fire:

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January 2018 was the first trip for my kids too! We also had a great trip. 7 full days, no rain, nice temps. Can’t wait to go back!!


Temps were so nice!!! Sweet pics of yours kids!

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Aw your pictures. Seeing your 3 year old makes me sad we had to cancel ours this year. My DD3 would have loved every minute. :frowning:

Oh I’m so sorry. :cry: Three was such a special age to have my daughter there and she was SO into princesses at the time it was just perfect. She’s over that now but still experienced magic last year when we went - just differently than before. :heartpulse: Hoping you can take her soon.

Thank you… I know makes me sad to miss this perfect window… but we will get back there! And I know we will still have magical moments!

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