Missing pictures on Memory Maker account - Problem Solved

ETA: I was only looking at MK pictures.

Recently returned from our trip, and I am now trying to download our pictures. I participated in a Memory Maker share, and I linked both my MDE account and my DH’s. I used my Magic Band for every photo we took. After we returned from WDW, all of our pictures were in my personal account, no issues. Today, I looked in the share account and several days are missing. We arrived on Saturday, September 19. Many but not all of those pictures are there. Sunday and Monday are missing entirely. Most of Tuesday and Wednesday are there, but that’s it! Then I went in to my personal account and there is nothing. Please help me stop freaking out. What should I do? Has this happened to you and has it worked out?

I tried to re-link my Magic Band to the share account, but it gave me an error message saying that my band was already linked to an account.


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I’m glad you discovered the problem!