Missing me some Acronyms

Hiya Fellow Forum Friends (henceforth to be known as the FFF).
I’m pretty new to the forums. When I first joined, there was a sticky post that laid out many commonly used acronyms. VERY VALUABLE to newbs like me. I have two monitors, and when I visit the forums I would launch two instances of the forums - monitor 1 for the discussion at hand, and the 2nd with the acronyms post. Monitor 2 was my personal interpreter! I really felt like it was helping me in my ability to comprehend any given post. I was making real learning progress too, no longer needing monitor 2 to comprehend a reference to BOG, ADR, DS, etc.
I was assimilating into the tribe.

Yesterday, the acronym sticky post seems to have disappeared, and it feels just like I have lost my car keys, let alone drive on the forum roads. Does anyone have any information on where my car keys are? Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place, or, it was moved?!
Any info would be appreciated.
P.S. So that my 2nd monitor isn’t totally going to waste while viewing the forums on monitor 1, I added a background picture of HEA.
(pssst… fellow newbies… that’s Happily Ever After, the fireworks show at MK).
(pssst… fellow newbies… MK is the acronym for Magic Kingdom).

Oh lord someone get these newbs their sticky post back!!!

This one? Acronyms and Other Trivia

I still see it on my page.


Your link is better!

Thank you!
It simply came un-pinned from my forum view, and slid behind the couch.
Much appreciated FFF’s!


For the OP though, at the top of the acronym thread there is a little pin. If you have read through the whole thread it may have gotten “unpinned.” You can click the pin to re-“pin” it and it should go back to the top of your list.

Ah, looks like you figured that out yourself!

I was going to say check the couch.

For years I kept this page open in my browser:

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