Missed opportunities!

No matter how much planning I do, I feel like there’s always that moment when I say “oh, I should have…” Often it’s something pretty minor / immaterial.

My most recent one? We are going to Garden Grill for breakfast one day. DS can have some trouble feeling comfortable chatting with folks he doesn’t know well (even beloved characters), so I was trying to brainstorm ways to help him. I came up with the idea of giving Chip and Dale a bag of acorns! Except all of the acorns in the woods around our yard are now chewed through, decayed, etc. If only I’d thought of this last fall, I could have easily grabbed a handful and put them in a bag. We get a ton. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll come up with something else.

Anyone else do this?

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Yes. All. The. Time. There are just too many ideas. We can’t be on top of all of them.

I like your idea! Maybe you could use some regular shelled nuts like walnuts?

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The idea is cute, although probably is best that it didn’t work out. You could risk unwittingly transporting an invasive specie from your home location down to that area. Not sure about other areas, but up here in Michigan, there are rules about transporting firewood, etc., from one general area to another. (Campers are not supposed to bring their own firewood, but buy/obtain firewood from somewhere local to their campground.)

HOWEVER, you can buy from various sources fake (but realistic) acorns. For example:


My son has had good success wearing either a Chip or Dale pin or Chip/Dale socks. Neither are free like acorns, but are relatively cheap souvenirs that Chip/Dale will find (particularly the pins - your son would likely need to point out the socks which is he’s shy may not work) & riff off of. Has made for some fun interactions which might help get your son involved a little more…

That’s not a bad idea. I’d worry about giving them an allergenic food, though. DS has tree nut allergies (and I’m sure other kids there would too) and I’m paranoid.

I never even thought of that! Good point.

I was thinking about this, actually. I could use butterscotch chips and have the kids help make them. Perfect April vacation “craft” :slight_smile:


Very true! Something handmade could be cute.

Super cute idea!

I don’t know for sure, but could they even accept gifts?

What if you had your son draw a picture ahead of time that he could take with him to show/give?

Yes! And it helped last year with Pooh. (DS and DD gave him little jars of honey. Pooh was adorably excited.)