Missed bank advice - any advice

My Bank date was missed. It was March 31. I am now losing 75 points as of August 1st. I am a bit irritated with myself for not being a better advocate earlier this year. I should have done what most people were doing. Which was nag the heck out of DVC back then instead of doing what was advised me. That advice was to hold off on any decisions until later. Wait for DVC to communicate what was going on. Let them handle the insurgence of calls. My reward, 75 points gone forever. Total waste of that much money.

It was my fault for thinking it would be handled as a unique situation. Nothing ever gave me the belief Disney and DVC are anything other than Businesses. Rules are there to protect them not me.

SO I called today to ask if anything can be done. I am polite the whole conversation. Long wait on the phone. because of the exciting member cruise, next year was the reason. COVID was not mentioned at all. (Understandable that makes customers want to avoid spending money in tight places.)
20+ minutes later a tired and irritated agent answers the phone. She is tersely polite in her unable to help answers. (Yup, followed the company line as was ordered (so nothing against her.))

I ask what I think is my only option to talk to her manager. A 10+ minute wait later, I re-explain to her. She put me in for an appeal for banking those points. I was denied after a short 30+minute wait. (You would expect some time to review the appeal, so the wait was expected.) I was denied the appeal.

After my long-winded story is there anything else I can do?

I do know I need to bank the points before the banking deadline. I truly postponed it because of advice not because of lackof dilligence.

I was going to suggest an appeal, but if that’s been done I don’t see what else could be.

March was some time ago, now. I wonder if that factored in.

I also think they are probably inclined to deny any appeals at this time due to the glut of points that are being pushed forward into the next use year. Things are going to be very tight in DVC availability for a while and I think they will do what they can to mitigate that situation. Unfortunately I think you’re caught in that vortex.

You could rent them but you’re running out of time on that. Give it a whirl tho


Welcome to the forum! What did you have booked? I have an August UY too. They expire in two days?

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Yeah, I think I was collateral damage in the point glut market. I was told I had to use them tonight or lose them. Sigh.
Oh well. An expensive don’t trust corporations to make noble decisions lesson was paid for.

oh oops. August 1st, not 31st :frowning:

So sorry :frowning:

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Yes August use year points 2019 UY expire end of July.

Did you have a reservation that you were unable to keep?

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LoL,after losing 75 points that date error is TOTALLY forgivable. :slight_smile:

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