Misinformation from a CM?

Thanks to the wonderful cc offer thread, and @brklinck, I’ve got some “free” days Ill be using at the Dolphin this summer! :sunglasses:

I recently spoke with a very nice CM regarding a split stay between Pop and Dolphin. She secured my first night at Pop, but said she could not link my reservation number (she did try) from Dolphin since I reserved it through SPG. She also said not to worry about it because I could just use my room key for EMH…which I guess is true, but what about FPPs if the reservation is not linked in MDE? I thanked her for her help, but something does not seem right…or am I just being daft?

I thought I should check in with you guys so I am armed with accurate information before I call the next CM. Any suggestions? Thank you so much for any advice!!

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I would call back. You would need to link that reservation number. Did you try to enter it manually?


I was too afraid! :scream: I didn’t want to mess up the first reservstion. I’ll call again!!

Thank you so much @PrincipalTinker!!

Call the Front Desk at the Dolphin - they should be the most knowledgeable about how SPG reservations interact with the WDW systems. Also, the front desk staff have greater powers over reservations than call center staff.


Thank you so much!! First thing on my to do list this werkend!!