Misc. Questions, Part V

Here we go again!

  1. Does Disney have photo booths in their arcades? Like the ones that print the strip of 4 black and white photos? I collect them as keepsakes.

  2. I’ve heard that the mini-fridges in the rooms/suites don’t have a freezer section, so we can’t use our freezer packs for our coolers. Is that what you experienced too?

  3. Just confirming- totally A-ok to bring in a small cooler with food, canned drinks, etc? (I’ve read about 100 posts saying it is totally ok but a few people have questioned me on it when I say I’m taking in food.)

  4. When do you typically find out your room number? And if you have checked in online, how is that communicated to you?


Can’t answer the first 3, but if you checked in online your room number will be texted to you whenever the room is ready. I got my text at 12:31pm last Tuesday. Occasionally they will not be able to give you the room without you having to go to the desk first, but I’ve only had that happen once in 5 or so years since they started doing this.

  1. That is true

  2. Small coolers are fine. Any ice must be bags, not loose. Gallon size bags are fine.

  3. You may or may not get a text. If you don’t have a US phone number you are very unlikely to (I won’t say never because thee’s bound to be an exception). But it will also show on MDE when allocated, so worth checking. Again, some people will need to go the front desk.

You can try to refreeze a freezer pack by leaving in a filled ice bucket over nite. Sometimes works. And I think some CL CMs used to let you use their freezer at one time.

  1. I’ve only been to POFQ. They did have a photo booth in the arcade.
  2. Again, I’ve only stayed at POFQ, but in my research, most mini fridges did not have a freezer section. Unless you were staying in a villa or somewhere with a full kitchen, I dont know of any that had freezers. We used the ice machines at the resort and put them in gallon ziplock in our soft cooler. We took sandwiches, can soft drinks, juice, snacks, and bottled water.
  1. Yes.
  2. Text and alert through MDE

They do not, but you can take your ice packs to guest services to keep frozen for you. They need to be put altogether in a bag or parcel of some type. We would switch out the frozen ones with our thawed ones whenever we needed to.

  1. We stayed at Pop and we got a photo strip in the form of my husband and son in a comic book. Not sure what all the choices they had were, but I do know there are some in the arcades.

What suite are you in? The AoA suites have a very tiny freezer. It is enough for an ice pack but that’s about it. You can’t fit frozen food in it.

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We’re in AOA suites so it sounds like there might be a little one. :slight_smile: