Minor Warning - Disney Visa My Chase Plan

I’ve been using the Disney Premier Chase Visa for about 15 years, and I have never had any significant problems with it. I’m sure many of you have enjoyed using it as well. I wanted to give everyone a little heads-up about the My Chase Plan that they offer.

In short, this plan allows you to pay monthly for a qualifying purchase. You can choose a six-, twelve-, or eighteen -month payment plan. However, as I later found out, it is only the first plan that you arrange that you can do it with no fees and no interest. Subsequent plans will carry a monthly fee.

I had seen the availability of the My Chase Plan for quite some time, but I never had looked into it because I assumed there were fees associated with it, and I always pay off my balance each month. However, after renewing my wife’s and my Annual Passes, out of curiosity I thought I would check it out.

I tapped on the transaction for my Annual Pass purchase, which was a little more than my wife’s since I added the Memory Maker. I selected the twelve-month option, and the app displayed information that broke down the amount of the monthly payment and added: “This amount includes a monthly fee of $0.00 with no interest.” We have had a number of unexpected expenses recently, so I thought, “Why not spread that cost out a bit?” and set that up.

I wasn’t sure if I would receive the same deal if I were to set up another one for the amount of my wfie’s Annual Pass. Again, out of curiosity, I tapped on the transaction for hers. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it also stated: “This amount includes a monthly fee of $0.00 with no interest.” So, I set that plan up as well and called it a day.

Within a few minutes I received an e-mail verification for each of them. However, the e-mail for the second plan said that there was a monthly fee of $6.86. Now, had the app indicated this, I wouldn’t have selected it. I’d much rather save the $80+.

I called Chase to see what could be done. The rep I spoke with confirmed that it was only the first plan that had no fees. I understood this. I suspect that perhaps the first plan hadn’t gone through completely when I set up the second, and their system must have thought it was my first. I asked if I could pay for the second plan in its entirety when the bill comes due. He said yes but advised me to call back when I set that up to make sure it was allocated to the correct plan.

When my statement came, I found that they had already charged me the $6.86 for the first month. I called Chase again, and the rep I talked with said there was no way to cancel a plan and no way to allocate the funds to pay off one of them. She said that the payment would just distribute equally between the two. I objected to this, based on what the previous rep and told me, and she transferred me to a supervisor.

The supervisor did some digging and found there was a way to allocate the funds. I went over the amount I would need to pay to make sure it was covered, and he said that it would be taken care of.

I asked if the $6.86 fee could be waived since the app told me there was no fee and since I was paying the second plan off in its entirety at the same time I would have paid it off had I not set up that plan. He attempted to do so twice, but it wouldn’t go through. He said that they evidently are not able to waive those fees. He admitted that, if it were up to him personally, he would have done so. He was very nice.

I know it’s only $6.86, but I was still really irritated, so I decided to write Chase and politiely explain the problem and the resolution I was hoping for–that they would simply waive the $6.86 fee. After a few days, I received a response that was nice on the surface. Essentially, though, they told me that the problem was my fault, that they are not able to waive the fee, and that they would no longer respond to my inquiry.

I’ve had a couple very minor issues with the card in the past, and the reps at Chase have always been so friendly and helpful. I am still baffled by their response–especially since it was an issue that originated on their side. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.

I suppose I need to take some of the blame. Maybe I should have read more about the My Chase Plan on their website in advance so I understood it better before setting them up. I was only going by the information that the app gave me at the time.

At any rate, I just wanted to share my experience in case anyone here is thinking of using the My Chase Plan. I’m just glad that I had only set up those two. Otherwise, I might be out much more than $6.86.


Thank you for taking the time to explain that so well.
It sounds quite frustrating and I would have been disappointed as well.


Yeah, I have this card too, but I too have my issues with Chase. But I just use it for the Disney cash back and the discount on food/merch. I am actually not a fan of Chase themselves at all but they keep buying out my mortgages and in college my dad made me get a Chase account so he could more easily move money from his account to mine. But when they put a 5 day hold on a paycheck from a major international company that I had been depositing twice a month for over a year and it caused my bill checks to bounce and they charged me $150 (which is a lot of money to a college student) and refused to give it back even though those checks went thru 4 business days after I had deposited my paycheck I had had enough and I closed my account and asked my dad to just mail me checks when he gave me money. This was after being super annoyed with them for things like I deposit cash at the bank during bank hours (so they have the cash in hand) and yet I cannot use that money on my debit card or take it out of an ATM for 24 hours. They have way too many rules/fees for me that make no sense. My current credit union gives me access to my now direct deposit from the same major company 2 days before it’s supposed to go thru so it makes it even more frustrating to me how Chase behaved.
I’m very sorry they stole your $6.86! Chase sucks!


I am not a huge fan of Chase but I do have the Disney Premier card. It’s too bad they didn’t give you some type of warning when you wanted to do the second My Chase Plan. I have received some emails lately that they are going to change My Chase Plan and it’s going to be something slightly different. Something like Chase Pay Over Time. Not sure what the differences will be.


This is the lesson that we should all be taking away from this.

Not trying to be mean, but you gotta read all those terms & conditions. Banks are not your friend. They’re for profit businesses. They all try to do this stuff. They know most people don’t bother to read any of it. Blindly, clicking “Ok” / “I accept” is how they are able to get away with it.

Ok…End of “Dad” sermon / lecture!! :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Again, not trying to be mean / rude. I know it could be interpreted that way)


Those of us that know you, know being rude is not your M.O.! :wink:


How dare you?! (Just kidding. Absolutely no offense taken.)

“Fish are friends,” right, Dad? :wink: :shark:

I know I need to take some responsibility, so I included that paragraph in my rant. I get that banks are not our buddies, which is why I use a credit union for my primary banking needs.

It still irritates me, though. I’ll give you an example from my side. I have worked in customer service for over twenty years now. Since I am the only one in the department at the company where I work, I make the decisions on how to handle situations for the most part.

A few months ago our company sent an e-mail offer to customers, but it didn’t include a particular exclusion that it should have. Of course, some attempted to use the offer for what was intended to be excluded. When it didn’t work, they understandably complained.

Now, the exclusion is noted clearly on our website, but it wasn’t included in the e-mail they received (similar to how the Chase offer may have been included on their website, but it was not on the app). In my response to our customers, I explained the exclusion and directed them to the offer’s details on our website so they would be aware of them in the future. However, I still apologized, gladly issued refunds for the amount they expected to save, and told them I would notify marketing about the issue since the exclusion should have been included in the e-mail.

While I do care about the company and that we retain customers, it is even more important for me personally to do what is right and fair for them when I possibly can. (Incidentally, the refunds I issued, in most cases, were well over $6.86, and ours is a puny company compared with Chase.)

So, I find it not a little disheartening when other companies and their employees treat their customers unfairly while claiming to ‘value their business.’

And my struggle with being an idealist in a world of selfishness and greed continues. :thinking:

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Wow! My experience pales in comparison with yours. That must have been really frustrating. This is good information to know. Thank you for sharing. I’m with you on using a credit union. That’s what I do, too.

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