Minnie's Seasonal Dine at Hollywood & Vine

Feedback from anyone who had done Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood & Vine - Fantastic. If you dinner reservation is at 4:55 will that be reserved seating for the 7:00 show?

The reserved seating is for the first show only.

Hi, we did the seasonal H&V Fantasmic dinner package last year (Minnie’s Holiday & Dine I think they called it). It was one of the first character meals that we did and found the experience to be very fun! We had a picture taken with Santa Goofy before being seated. We met Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy who were all wearing seasonal outfits which made lovely pictures! Donald was particularly fun. The food was fairly good, the service was good and we were not rushed. Our meal was at 4.15 pm with viewing for F! at 7.00 pm.

I was wondering about some of this myself. We are going in January and I’m wondering what the menu will be. The “holiday” them/season ends in January before we get there, and there is nothing posted about what the next theme will be, along with what kind of menu.
I’m also not sure if we should do an early lunch, leave and come back for F, or do it for dinner at 5:00 and just stay for F after. My fear with the second option is that we are typically done with HS not long after lunch. Sometimes it’s nice to catch a break back at the hotel, and then come back later.

My impression is the menu doesn’t change, or at least not much as the themes do. I think the themes have rotated with the seasons, although January seems early for a “Spring” transition.

Do be aware that for lunch it’s the Disney Jr. characters and not the “theme” meal hosted by Minnie Mouse. I believe 3:30 is the transition time - so if you want the Minnie hosted theme you’ll need to go for the dinner option…

Last year we booked lunch and thought we were getting the Holiday theme & ended up with Disney Jr. which wasn’t what we wanted at all…Oops.

I had originally scheduled a Chef Mickey’s dinner for my DDs to meet all the characters, but canceled when I managed to get a F! dinner package. Now I’ve read somewhere that the characters at Minnie’s Seasonal Dine don’t always sign autographs. Was this true for your experience?

All of the characters signed for us in October.

When we went we had our picture with Santa Goofy when we entered the restaurant, and were given a card with all the signatures on it. The remaining Characters posed for pictures but did not sign at the table. This may have changed now as this was in November 2015.

They were signing in August.

The signed in December. :slight_smile:


We did it on our early December 2015 trip. It was Christmas theme. Santa Goofy out front for a picture, while Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy walked around visiting tables. They did sign our son’s book.

We did 5:30pm dinner, it was way too rushed for the 7pm Fantasmic they gave us. :frowning: If we do it again, we’ll do 4:45-5pm if possible

Thanks, all! Our res is 4:45, but F! isn’t until 8:30. So we’ll have plenty of time to fill beforehand!