Minnie Van

Is the Minnie Van Service available just to people staying at Boardwalk and Beach/Yacht Clubs or is it now available for anyone? I have considered some park hopping and it seems like it would be easier than getting back to the parking lot, back in the car, driving, and then parking and entering the other park.

I have no idea if the Minnie Vans are available to everyone yet, but even if they are not, you can use Uber or Lyft (they actually operate the Minnie Vans).

I think the only other resorts it has been rolled out to besides the ones you listed are Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I was looking more for a quick park to park option and not worried as much about travel to hotels. I am not sure if I could take one from DHS to AK and then back and not have as trouble with parking and entering the parks. If you use Uber or Lyft (non-Minnie Van), then with DHS and AK how close to the gate do they drop you?

AK and HS both have drop off/pick up locations very close to the gate. AK is closer than the buses. For EP I always just go to BC and go through IG but World Showcase is always my destination.