Minnie Van tipping etiquette

Anyone know the tipping standard for the Minnie Van service? Can you tip within the app, or is it a cash basis, is it included in the fare?

My understanding is that it is a non tipped position.

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Is it!? I was just told something similar like the fare is the fare and includes gratuity etc…but someone else told me otherwise so wasn’t sure.

I saw some screen shots of the actual service and it does say that tips are not accepted. So you can’t via the app and I think that the drivers will probably refuse them.

I guess you could think of it as it is included or also that they are paid a non-tipped wage.

You can tip via the Lyft app for the Minnie Vans, I did it several times last week. I had 1 driver (out of 10) mention that gratuities were not necessary but then why provide a place to tip on the app? I tipped just because it felt weird not to but who knows what’s truly necessary.

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