Minnie Van airport transfer

We will be returning from WDW on 12/16 and I’m contemplating booking a Minnie Van airport transfer for our return. Id love to have some additional time on departure day to head to Disney Springs without having to rush back for DME 4 hours ahead of our flight time. (I believe it’s 4 hrs for domestic flights that time of year right? ) My question is, has anyone done it, is it worth it? Is the suggested 2 hr prior to flight time enough time to get to the airport and go through security ect??

MCO? During the holidays? Have you been through their security before??

I would be at the airport a MINIMUM of 2 hours ahead - and even then I would be stressed. Their security is a nightmare at the best of times (even with pre-check because people are still being given it randomly by the airlines and are still clueless) - and I have seen reports that they are expecting their largest crowds ever this holiday season.


We have precheck and still insist on being at MCO 2 hours in advance. Don’t shortchange yourself, it is not worth missing your flight, MCO is a crazy madhouse. I would plan on being back at MCO at the 2 hour mark, not leaving WDW.


I agree with the above. MCO security takes longer than any other airport I’ve been to in the past few years.

No, I’ve never been through MCO anywhere close to the holidays. With all this in mind, I wouldn’t want to be running to the gate with 3 kids in tow or missing our flight, so I guess I’ll stick with the DME! Thanks for your input!

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