Minnie’s-not-really-a-party party and Manic Mondays

Planning for a Christmas Trip because we’ve lost our minds.

Arrival Sunday 12/19 and departure Friday 12/24. Staying at CBR. Or Pop. Or Swolphin. (I have a few reservations. One might be leading…)

Few questions as I pick my APR.

1- Guesses on which days Minnie will be having her non-party After Hours event? Do we think Sun, Tues, Fri like Boo Bash? Basically every other night like MVMCP? If S,T, F would you try to go on arrival day (dicey with flights from the Northeast in December) or on Tuesday which is the last party?

2-For said party is it still likely to be hours on the phone to get tickets as a resort guest or do we think they will figure out an online early purchase option? If it involves waiting on the phone I’m going to get a Disney planner to do it for me as I can’t wait hours on the phone while I’m at work.

3-Is no MK on Mondays still a thing in the thick of holiday crowds? We typically make MK our first full day in the parks which would be the dreaded Monday. Other option would be Thursday 12/23. Does MK just get busier as the Christmas week goes on? Does it even matter at that point?

As always, I bow to your sage Liner advice. I’m struggling with this trip because I had the old system down pat thanks to TP and Liners. I don’t like all this uncertainty and inability to work the system to my advantage.

  1. I’d avoid arrival day.

  2. I think you’ll be fine with online option.

  3. No difference between Monday/Thursday

Awesome. Thanks!