Minnie Ears, am I doing this wrong?

Y’all am I missing a magical tip? I am absolutely obsessed with ears but every time I wear them, they end up leaning so far forward on my head that I spend the whole day adjusting them straight up again. I have to remember before every photo to fix them and when walking around the parks it doesn’t seem to be an issue for others. Am I just crazy or is there a trick I’m missing?

I don’t have an answer because they give me a head ache and I remove them. I wish I could wear them… sooo cute but the pain isn’t worth it.

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I have that happen with the 2020 ears. They seem to be forward heavy due to the bow. I typically wear the Little Mermaid ones the most and have no issues (after my dog ate my favourite ones that were blue with white stars)

I have found an etsy shop that I get my ears from now. They fit great and they are lightweight. I had none of those issues that you named above.

Ears by Ray


This is why I switched to a cute Minnie Hat while at Disney.

These are my favs!!!

These are not as glam as many others, but they were very easy for all of us to wear (ages 6 to 71).
They come in almost a dozen colors.

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I have that problem with the Disney official ears. If I buy small shot they seem to be lighter and sit more evenly.

Me too! I’ve spent the better part of my last two trips trying to justify buying a pair because they’re all so cute, but they hurt!

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I got this Ears “Hat” at The Chapeau on Main Street. It is soo soft / fuzzy and the brim actually keeps a lot of sun off the back of my neck. I actually wear it at home when I’m in a Disney mood or making my Touring Plans itineraries!