Minivan or Suburban Rental Car for airport and the parks?

For my Fall WDW trip, any thoughts on whether a mini-van will be sufficient for getting 4 adults and 2 kids (and 8 and 5) to and from MCO/resort? Or should I rent a Suburban?

Also, if I rent a Suburban, can it be parked in regular parking spots at the resorts and parks or will I need oversize parking?

For luggage, there will be 1 large suitcase, 3 medium suitcases, and 2 small suitcases. The kids will be sitting in booster seats. To the extent it is relevant, the adults are all relatively small in height (5’2-5’'9") and weight (110-150 lbs).

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I’d lean that a minivan should be sufficient (we’re a family of 5 and minivan owners). Most of the bigger luggage should fit in the back, and you’ve got aisle space for the smalls.

But I’m also cheap, and hate to spend much extra for a Suburban (which are usually a LOT more $$). So I’d make it work.



Cheap or not … saving $$ is a good thing :slight_smile: Leaves more money to give to WDW for other stuff.

We did this exact thing - 4 adults (2 smaller, 2 not), 2 kids (ages 4 & 7 with car seats) and luggage (2 large, 1 medium, 2 small plus carry ons) in a minivan.

It was fine - we even stopped for a Target order on the way and filled the backseat with groceries.

The drive was relatively short, and we made do. We did not do any driving as a group once we arrived.

I thought about a Suburban but I did not want to drive it nor pay a higher price.

My cost with Costco went down about 90 days before my trip so it was under $500 for 8 days.


I think it can and will work for the short ride from and back to the airport. If you’re a little uncomfortable it won’t last long. You don’t need more than the van for the time in between the airport rides.

If you find it’s entirely not doable in the moment one adult and a bag or two could Uber. That would be hella less expensive than upgrading to a Suburban for several days.


We did 6 Adults, 1 Kid, all in a minivan with no issue…it is helpful if you can get the Toyota Sienna I believe it is. (This was with everyone’s luggage from airport …and 2 scooters during park days!)

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Are you used to driving something as big as a Suburban? It’s as wide as, and about the same overall length as, our Chevy crew cab pickup with a short box. A vehicle that big is not as easy to fit in the width of a parking space, and often takes more effort (back and forth) to get it turned into that parking space if it’s straight-on, not angled, parking. It’s definitely a standard vehicle for the regular parking spaces at Disney or elsewhere, you don’t need an oversize spot like they use for RVs and vehicles with trailers.

The minivan will be much easier to fit in a parking space, and to maneuver. I agree that the minivan will have plenty of room for your group.

Exterior dimensions:
Suburban 225.70" long x 81.10" wide, 134.10" wheelbase
Honda Odyssey 205.2" long x 78.5" wide, 118.1" wheelbase

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Thanks. After reading the replies and discussing with DW, I think we are going with the minivan.