Minions early park admission

Hi, i am going to Universal studios march 3rd. On universal’s web site, it say’s that the early park admission attractions are gringott’s ans minion’s.
The touringplans does not have this information as it says that it would be Mummy instead of minions. So i am not able to make my personnalized touringplans start at 8 at minions because of this.
If i go straight to minions at 8 and then head to gringotts, i would probably arrive around 8:25. Any ideas of what the wait time would be ? could i do it 2 times before official park opening at 9 ?
Also, if i have express unlimitted, does this work between 8AM and 9 AM at early park admission ?
Thank you for your help.

I would honestly just start TPs after early admission is over, or may 15 minutes before they’re over. Crowds will be low enough during early admission that you won’t get any assistance from a TP.