Minimum Length of Stay Requirements for Promos

It’s been a hot topic as of late, but I got some details on the whole “can’t reduce your stay” stuff.

OK, I got a tad more information about this whole minimum length of stay thing going on.
As many know, there are limited rooms available on the discounts and promotions (whether it’s room only or packages). What I’ve learned is that there are different length of stay requirements for each group of rooms at each resort.

So POP might have 10 rooms with min 3 day, 5 rooms with min 7-day, etc.

Disney does not divulge those specifics even to their own CMs. So even they don’t know if there’s a min requirement until they go to make the modification later on.

It does have a lot to do with rooms sitting empty. People are booking longer stays and then dropping them down when they know their dates, leaving limited rooms available for sale and so they sit empty.

The CM I talked to (someone with whom I’ve talked to before) said she was going to ask if this is now something we (including those on the consumer side) can at least find out at the time of booking (whether the room/package has a min requirement and what it is).

I know that’s not much more information than we had before, but it seems they are being stricter when enforcing these policies now.


Thanks for sharing this info!