Minimum dining purchase

other than a buffet style place, is there a minimum that you have to buy at any table service place? I was hoping to go to the prime time cafe but really only for the atmosphere. I think it would be a cool place just to grab a shake. I made a mid afternoon res, and I was wondering if just ordering a milkshake would be ok?

That shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve seen people do the same. We did it at Sci-Fi and had no issue. Just tell them you are there for dessert.

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No problem! Have fun! Prime Time is our favorite at HS next to HBD.

There are no minimums. People do progressive meals on their own. Might be drinks to start at one, apps at another, main course at a 3rd, and desserts at a 4th.

That’s actually a really good idea! There’s a lot of places i really want to go to for the experience but don’t necessarily want to spend for a full meal.