Mini-golf suggestions and how to get there and back

We are going for lunch at Raglan Road and then want to head to some mini-golf fun. We do not have a car so are relying on Disney transportation. Which golf course would you recommend for our party - the youngest is 10 years old. How do we get there? How do we get back to Coronado Springs when we are done? We are doing this on a Tuesday before going to a NSSHP. Thank you for your help!

Blizzard Beach is closed so the only option may be to take a Minnie Van. Fantasia Gardens is around Swan & Dolphin so any transportation to Epcot or Hollywood Studios or the Swan & Dolphin should work.

From what I’ve seen, Fantasia Gardens might be a little bit tougher for younger kids. What the Tim Tracker on Youtube. They visit both courses so you’ll get a good idea of what they look/play like.

I’ve done both, and our family gave Winter Summerland a big thumbs up and did not like Fantasia Gardens at all. The theming is much better at Winter Summerland, and the courses are much more forgiving. Fantasia Gardens also seemed to be in poor repair for Disney property. It would be worth it to take a Minnie Van to Winter Summerland if the bus to Blizzard Beach isn’t running.

When my kids were younger they were reasonably proficient at some of the local miniature golf courses but did not enjoy Fantasia at all.

Here’s a nice map that outlines the WDW transportation system

If your find the Swan resort on the map you will see that you can walk from there to Fantasia (in fact that’s how we used to get there).

And this should help you with a perspective of the walking distance: