Mini golf near swan?

On Monday Aug 2 nd, granddaughter and I arrive at the airport at 3:50. We will be staying at the Dolphin Hotel. I thought it would be a good idea to check in, and head over to the mini golf near the hotel, then head back to to hotel to eat poolside and swim before settling in for the evening.

I noticed you can reserve a time, is that usually necessary? How far is it to walk there from the Dolphin? About how long does it take to do.

Has anyone eaten at the Dolphin by the pool, we aren’t looking for fancy, just a light meal.

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It’s like a 5 min walk (but when I did it lots of construction so not a fun one). We did it Jun 8th. We just walked up right up and started playing right away. No lines and no reservations and it was not crowded at all. I’ve done Winter Summerland before the pandemic during the day and it also wasn’t crowded. Maybe at nights it’s more crowded and that’s why the water parks and more only covers the cost till 4pm?

I didn’t time us but less than an hour I’d say.

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Restaurant at the pool was lovely last time I was there. The Fountain is also there - it’s a fun diner style menu a la Beaches and Cream.


We went Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf on June 2nd in the evening. The “Gardens” course had about a 20 minute wait. The “Fairways” course was available immediately.

The “Gardens Course” takes about 45 minutes. The CM told us the “Fairways Course” was about 1.5 hours.

Thanks all. Looking forward the three day at WDW, and a day at Universal.

I just stayed at the Dolphin and loved it! The Cabana bar at the pool was great. Good food (I had tuna poke bowel) and good service. You order right from your poolside chair.
The fountain always looked crazy when we were there so we did not try it. Fuel was very nice for good coffee and take out breakfast (Mickey waffles to go!)
We never made it to mini golf but it is right there.

Not sure if you need transportation advice but I forgot that the Dolphin ‘s Mears busses take you to the TTC and not MK! So I would walk to YC for Disney bus if going to MK. Also friendship boats are great for HS because Swan/Dolphin is the first stop on return and last stop before HS.

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