Miltary discount

Does anyone know what the discounted resort rate is for Military personnel? Not shades of green but the main resorts? Im unable to actually call the customer service line for a while but am looking for the info.



They changed things up this year so that discounts are on a sliding scale based on availability. You won’t know the exact discount available until you call. Military Disney Tips outlines the basic info for you:

You need to call and then call and then call again. Not all phone reps are good at looking up the military discounts. You need to ask for what you want. And then break it down by room category. Some resorts offer great basic room rates while others have a bigger discount on the DVC studios or villas. Good luck!

My experience has been that using a Disney travel agent has been the easiest way to get the military rate. Also, you have to book way in advance. They only do a limited number of rooms, so they sell out fast.

I’ve typically gotten 30% at values; that puts it at under $100/night. As a retiree, SOG has been around $150 (I haven’t checked in a couple years, so it might have gone up) for basically a deluxe resort. My real score was when I got 50% at Paradise Pier; don’t know how I got it, but I grabbed it really fast…