Millennium Falcon

Does anyone know if you can go through the queue without actually riding the ride?

I would assume so, I’m pretty sure every ride will allow people to exit without riding.


i listened to a podcast recently during which a huge star wars fan wanted to see inside the falcon but not ride. he went with his travel partner who did ride. it didn’t sound like it was an issue at all. i’ve done this with flight of passage. just let the cast member know and they’ll direct you where to exit.

Yes, definitely.

out of curiousity, would you go through the single rider entrance in this case? or do you miss something?

I saw a Tim tracker video and the single rider line is way less scenic it seems. Kinda just a side hallway

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Yes that is all it is, hallway to stairs

Ah true, saw that one too but forgot whether it was FP or SR…