Military Salute ticket question & Magic Band benefits

We are buying Military tickets and won’t receive magic bands (staying off-site as well). Is there some benefit to having magic bands vs RDIF cards that I am not reading anywhere?

Also, if we purchase 2 sets of 4 day military salute tix will there be any issues with linking both sets to MDE or getting FP+?


I frequently use the Military Salute tickets. The RFID cards “do” the same thing as MBs. Staying off-site the only thing that either will do for you is to access your account for park entry and FPPs (no room key or charging ability). MBs “may” be a bit more convenient, but other than the cosmetic aspect of wearing one there is no benefit.

I’ve never purchased 2 sets of MS tickets to use back-to-back, so I have no personal experience with this. I’d call Disney and ask directly.

The benefit of having a magic band, is the ride photos and the videos. Only those with MB will get the ride videos on 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and Tower of Terror. You can still get the ride photos without a MB but it’s faster with it.

You might want to consider purchasing one for your family if you tend to ride together.