Military Freedom Pass at Valcano Bay - Peak Season

My wife was able to buy a MF Pass because she’s a civilian employee at a military base. We bought the 3 Park pass because we want to go to Volcano Bay, but we are seeing that there is no way to reserve our day in advance. We are going to be in Orlando late next week.

Is there a set amount of space each day for MF pass holders at Volcano Bay?

And yes, we understand it will be first come first serve. Also, please note that Universal considers these passes to be “tickets” and not the same a season passes.

This is a very specific question that we don’t have a lot of expertise on around here. But maybe @vcka might know, or at least know who to ask?

Here are the terms and conditions from Universal’s website. I don’t see any limitation on number of people who are admitted, but there could be one.

The 3-Park “2021 Military Freedom Pass” Promotional Ticket entitles one (1) guest admission to Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, AND Universal’s Volcano Bay (Universal’s Volcano Bay is closed November 2, 2020 through February 28, 2021) theme parks on the same day. Ticket is valid for use January 1, 2021 through and including December 31, 2021, with no blockout dates. Excludes separately ticketed events. This ticket also includes admission to select live entertainment venues of Universal CityWalk. Guest must present a valid Military ID at time of purchase, at time of the exchange at either Universal Studios Florida, or Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park ticket sales window, and upon redemption at both Universal Studios Florida, and Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme parks. Unused days shall be forfeited. Additional restrictions may apply.

The above Admission Media is non-refundable, non-transferable, and must be used by the same person on all days. Standard entry includes biometric scan. Valid only during normal operating hours. Parks, attractions, or entertainment may: close due to refurbishing, capacity, weather or special events; change operating hours; and otherwise change or be discontinued without notice and without liability to the owners of Universal Orlando Resort (‘Universal’). Unless otherwise stated, does not include admission to separately ticketed events at any of the Universal theme parks or within any of the CityWalk venues, Universal Cinemark, the Blue Man Group show, or Hollywood Drive-In Golf™, and parking or discounts on food or merchandise. Some CityWalk venues require ages 21 or older for admission. Valid Photo ID required. Additional restrictions may apply and benefits are subject to change without notice.

I am unaware of any restrictions of the number of military passes allowed into any park on a single day. I would recommend going to Volcano Bay first thing in the morning to gain access for the day. @Jeff_AZ you were there recently w/ your family, how does that work? I’ve never been to volocano Bay.

The only limitations for military I’ve seen is for rooms. Disney and Universal will have a set number of rooms at military rates and when they are gone they are gone. While that is what they say we’ve never had a problem getting a room at military rate. We try to make room res. as far out as possible.

Universal isn’t as friendly w/ military members as Disney is. When you activate your tickets the first day/time all tickets and those assigned to them need to be present w/ IDs. The military sponsor has to be there w/ their Mil-ID too. Once the tickets are activated they are no different than any other ticket. So, any limitations into a park would be due to the parks capacity limits and not the ticket type. You can always call Universal and ask your questions, but not all TMs are knowledgeable. I’m tagging other liners that have been participating in mil threads: @Dreamer @janamelia @illini74 @JenniferB1975 @Kitty_Ellas_Mom @ISUamanda @brerbeer @cherokee_jacket

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We’ve never been to Universal so I’m no help on this one.

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Thanks to everyone who replied. I texted Universal’s customer service this AM and it looks like I’m making this too complicated. The Military Freedom Pass is basically a multi-day multi-park ticket except that you can use it as much as you want throughout the calendar year.

So for V.B., that means that some first come, first space is set aside each day for multi-day ticket holders. As long as we get there bright and early, we’ll be good to go.

And if any uniformed military read this thread down the road, thank you for your service. My wife works hard as a civilian employee, but it’s still always very humbling when we are able to take advantage of these MWR benefits.


I’ve never heard about limits, but our current Universal military tickets don’t include water parks.

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Hello, I will add that we’ve used military tix 3x at WDW and once at Universal. The last time was Nov 2019. In every case, once we’ve activated the tix, we were treated exactly the same as anyone else in the park. We also got the military discounted hotel rooms. Sometimes this does take a little work on the phone, as they don’t always have the resort you want available, so I’d just book one to hold the dates—but I eventually with repeated calling was able to get what we wanted. I haven’t been to VB yet. But I will also add that you should expect that employees won’t always know the rules of the military tix or rooms.