Mike's Solo mini-trip Planning

So it looks like my May business trip to Orlando is happening. I’ll be in Orlando from May 2 through May 10. I’ll be busy with work most of the time (including the weekend, ugh) but I should get some time in the parks.

Since I was just there with the family in February, I don’t have any major goals. Mainly, I want to see Illuninations and Happily Ever After. Other than that, I want to stop and smell the roses, hit some attractions (I’m not pickey on which ones, may just play FP lotto), and sample some food.

I’m probably getting two complimentary tickets from my brother in law who works for Disney. I may buy one more ticket for myself. Here’s what I’m thinking currently, subject to change based on work stuff.

  • Thursday May 2 - take an early flight so I get most of the day. Probably spend late morning/Early afternoon at DHS, followed by evening at Epcot.
  • Monday, May 6 - I may get a whole day here. Morning at AK, evening at MK.
  • Tuesday, May 7 - may have some time in the evening, thinking doing something at Disney Springs
  • Thursday, May 9 - night at the park. Debating between Epcot or MK. Or maybe just a night at Disney Springs. Decisions, decisions.

More to come.


Sounds like a great plan!

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I’ve been on business a few times recently, and looks like I’ll be going again in June. I have the same casual approach you do. At risk of making it sound like I don’t enjoy time in the parks with my family…which I do…solo traveling at WDW is extremely enjoyable!!
Have a great time @mikejs78


So now I just found out that on one of the days I will be there, my company is organizing a “Team Building” event. What did they choose? Epcot.


Free entry?

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Given that my company is paying for it, yes. No one where I work knows my level of WDW fandom either, or my level of knowledge…

Now the question, should I share with my coworkers, or let them wait in 85 minute TT lines? :rofl:


Depends… what type of team are they building? If it is a patient one, I suggest not telling them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh! Pretend you are a first time visitor and then amaze them at how fast you have learned everything about EP!


So I was going to just kind of go with the flow on this trip, and I still intend to for the most part, but I got my two complimentary tickets the other day and linked them into MDE, and I can’t help myself. So I’ll be posting my plans here as I make them and modify them. To refresh I will have one day from noon until closing, one full day, and one evening. Priorities are Illuminations and HEA, and spending time at Flower and Garden (Epcot is my favorite park). I’ll also be at a park with my co-workers for one afternoon/evening, but I’m not sure which one and I don’t have any ability to plan that one. :open_mouth:

So, first day:.

Thursday, May 2
Flight arrives at 9:40. Hotel (not picked by me) is in Celebrations, FL. Go check in and drop bags off, then catch an Uber to DHS as early as possible. I have a FP for ToT at 10:45, which I probably won’t make unless everything goes perfectly, but I’m hoping I can modify it before or day of. Also have a FP for RnRC at 12:25. Debating whether to get one for TSM or just leave it open so I can try to change my ToT FP or get a SDD day of. Will probably go on Star Tours and see a show, then head to Epcot around 3-3:30 or so. Not quite sure what to do about lunch - debating between Backlot, Woody’s Lunch Box, or maybe just grabbing a beer and snacks at Baseline Tap House… Decisions…

At Epcot I’m going to try to get as much done between the time I arrive and around 7-7:30 or so. Want to try to get as much of SSE, Soarin, TT, and LwtL as I can using day of FP, single rider, etc. It’s a CL3 day so I should have some success. Will head to WS around 7:30, and get some food from the F&G carts, and wait for Illuminations.

More to come… I’m open to any and all suggestions …

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On that topic, anyone ever been to Baseline Tap House? Worth it? Or should I just grab something quick from a cart and get to F&G even earlier?

I love Baseline but it’s not really a place for food. Grab a beer (or flight of beers) and a pretzel there.

Other than that, I would recommend getting more of a meal at F&G.


I also love Baseline and it is not a place for a meal, but the various small plates - which are not really small being pretty substantial pub food – would tide you over to F&G


OK, so the whole trip got turned on its head - the meetings that were scheduled before the convention that we are going to down there got cancelled, and so now things are a lot tighter. So I still will have one full day and (hopefully) two afternoon/evenings in the parks… Here’s the current plan, subject to be completely changed as I obsess about this further…

Day 1: Monday, May 6

I’ll now be arriving late Sunday, May 5, I plan to make this a marathon, 3-park day and see how much I can accomplish - I’m kinda up for the challenge. This day is an EMH at AK, which kinda stinks because I’m (for the first time in my life) visiting a Disney park while not staying at a Disney resort… So FoP is out of the question for me, but that’s fine… At AK I really only need to ride Everest, anything else is a bonus… So plan is to RD Safari, Single Rider Everest, and then probably catch Dinosaur assuming the lines are short… Maybe spend a little time just walking some of the trails, soaking in the atmosphere… Then off to DHS… There I’m going to try for a day-of Slinky, but at minimum I’ll go on Star Tours, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, and ToT (I have Fastpasses for the first two, will try to exchange my ST one for either Slinky or ToT and maybe add a third). Lunch will be here somewhere, just something quick to tide me over - then on to Epcot for some Future World attractions, F&G food for dinner, and Illuminations. Then back to my hotel to collapse before the convention the next day.

Day 2: Tuesday, May 7
Off to MK for the afternoon/evenings. I have FPs for SM, BTM, and Pirates at the moment, but plan to move up and adjust as much as I can to see as much as I can, get to Main Street by around 8 for HEA, and then catch a few more attractions before 10PM closing. Dinner…? May snack around MK, may do CHH, not sure yet…

Day 3: Thursday, May 9
Wednesday I have an evening event for the convention, so nothing there. Convention ends around 3:30, so I’ll quickly get changed, grab an Uber, and head…somewhere. I’m undecided as to what that should be. Should I get another park ticket and go to either Epcot for more F&G, MK for more attractions, Disney Springs for some good food, see TSL at night? I’m not sure… I toyed with doing DAH at MK, but I have an 8 AM flight the next morning and DAH doesn’t start until 10PM… So, I have to make up my mind here but I’m not sure what I am going to do.


So I leave in two days. I’ll get in late Sunday night and have a full park day planned for Monday before work stuff will keep me busy part of the day Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and half day Thursday.

Since writing the above, my last day plans changed a little. Looks like I’ll be done around 1 instead of 3, so more park time! Not sure what I’m going to do yet on Thurs. May leave it up in the air.

Really starting to look forward to this. I haven’t gotten my usual pre-trip excitement because it’s just me and very different than past trips… But just to think in 3 days I’ll be in the parks…is exciting.


Enjoy! The freedom of solo touring is a different experience.