Midday break vs more, but shorter days?

We’ll be at WDW in late October for 7-9 nights, and have 2 younger kids (D7, S4). I see how a midday break makes sense, however, it also adds 60+ minutes to daily travel with the extra round trip. So my thinking is just do shorter daily visit to the parks (e.g. 9a-3p or 4p) and do more days. Plus, assuming AM touring, this won’t mess as much with the 4 year old’s bed time as a midday rest and later bed time. Those of you who are experienced: does this sound like a good idea, or am I missing something that makes it a poor idea? Thanks!

We have travelled in August for the last 3 years and have never taken a midday break with DD (was 4 now 7!). Because we are travelling from the UK, we are always awake early due to jet lag. So on most days, we do what you suggest - at the park at rope drop and leave by mid-late afternoon.
Then we still have plenty of time for a swim before dinner, and junior still gets enough sleep. The drawback of this system is that we don’t spend much time at the evening shows, so we always have at least one day where we start late and stay for fireworks etc.
Taking the midday break works great for many people but I think it is more useful for short trips where you have to pack as much into a few days as you can

Your plan sounds good, I would just add since you are going for that many nights to consider at least one day where you don’t go the parks.

I think the most important thing about the midday break is that it gives you a reprieve from the heat. I think you’d be okay to go with what you’re thinking. It will be cooler in October. I’d try to plan a couple of long, air conditioned attractions during the warmest hours. The American Adventure and Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot are good for that. At MK, Hall of Presidents, Philharmagic, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor at MK are all in that lovely air conditioning. At HS, some time at One Man’s Dream will keep you out of the sun, as will a show like Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Animal Kingdom has Finding Nemo and Festival of the Lion King. There’s also Flights of Wonder, which is outdoors, but covered.

This is what my sister did on our last trip - her kids were 7, 4 and 2 and didn’t cope well with the heat at all. Most days they were back at the villa by 2 and in the pool and the kids kept their normal bedtime.

If the budget allows for it, I think more, shorter days is always a better idea. Not only does it give you time to rest and relax a bit, it also gives you more days of RD and more FPP selections. My trips typically only have 4 or 5 “park days”, so I feel compelled to make every one of them RD to Closing (and sometimes hopping to a park with even later hours).

I plan for a mid-day break but then we usually press though until about dinner time and get kids to bed close to normal bedtime. DS4 is still afraid of fireworks so we’ve never seen a night show.

I recommend shorter days with no break over longer days with a break, IF you are NOT going to do evening fireworks. On nights you plan to see Wishes/Illuminations/etc., I recommend a 4 hour mid-day break.

If you’re worried about kid stamina, plan what parks you hit on what days to avoid the morning EMHs… especially if you’re doing a park straight until the end of fireworks the day before.

If your trip is 6-7 days, take at least one day to veg at your resort. We took an off day last year, but ruined it by touring resorts and DTD… ended up being a busy “rest” day. Never again.

We found that, more than breaks, the key to avoiding meltdowns for young one’s was a snack every 1-1.5 hours. It doesn’t matter what it is, or if it’s a drink or solid.

Thanks for the insights and tips everyone. BSWAN, great tip on the extra FPP selections - I hadn’t thought of that!

You can go to resorts and DTD in evening if parks stop.

Our last trip my kids were 5, 3, and 16 months. I did a mid-day break every day. But we drove to and from the parks and it was really easy to do. Our next trip in April, they will be 6, 4, and 2 (almost 3). I’m planning a mix. Some days if I plan to stay until after night shows then we have a mid-day break. If no night shows in our plan, then we’ll park on until 3 or 4 and go back to the resort for some swimming and early dinner and bedtime.