Midday break timeframe

I don’t know why, but I am stressing over DL plans with TP! I learned to rock WDW with TP but I am floundering with my first DL visit.

I am going 9/18-9/23. Low crowds are forecast. The odds are in our favor that we will be able to see and do so much.

I have heard the voices of my family and they would like to have midday breaks. What’s the busiest time and best time to take a break during the day to avoid crowds? Honestly, we do not have toddlers nor do we have elderly folk:) Just a few family members ( husband) that would like to relax for a bit. I like to make the most of my time so, if I have to take a break, I’d like it to be during the busiest hours.

You can build your own touring plan so that you can schedule your break. Are you staying close to the park?

Yes - I love making my own touring plans. I’m wondering when the busiest time is so I can schedule my break then. I’m just looking for a general guideline. Like I said, we don’t have toddlers or elderly folk. The family just likes a break at some point.

From what I have been reading it seems to depend on the day of the week and what is going on any given day.

Would he be ok with a “break” in the park? Like you take in a show mid afternoon to get off your feet or do you need to leave?

We have been to WDW three times now and next month will be our second trip to DL. I found that DL and DCA just seem busier all the time as there is way less space.

In the book it says that sampled lines reach their longest length from noon until 3 so I guess that is the busiest time

Thank you! I will play with some different options. I can do in park down time. Maybe DH will go for it if he can sit at the Cove Bar:)

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We made our “lunch” reservations for 2:30 in the afternoon to take advantage of cheaper menus and have a break :slight_smile:

We have found that the noon to 3 time is definitely the busiest wait times and also the hottest part of the day so if we’re gone from the parks during this timeframe- we don’t miss much! The way I like to plan it is plan a packed-high pace morning up until about 11am, slow down a bit but still get things accomplished aiming to leave for a break between noon & 1pm. Then I like to keep whatever evening plans we have very, very loose so if we end up staying in the parks later, therefore coming back later or if we end up needing more rest & recharge, we’re not rushing back quickly for any one thing.

One thing to consider with the slow time you are going is that the hours may be shorter & when we have gone with shorter hours a midday break has been hard to squeeze in but going the whole 10 hours also hasn’t been wise, so perhaps the suggestion to sit down & rest in the parks is a good one. Cove Bar is a fantastic place to rest & recharge.

Trying to navigate Main Street while people are camping out for first nighttime parade can also be quite tricky BUT unless MSEP gets extended (currently set to end Aug 20), you should be able to avoid that completely.

The great advantage of Disneyland is that it is much smaller and much easier to go from one park to another.

DCA has great spots to take a break:
-Animation Academy (sitting down in AC, you learn to draw a Disney character.) I try to go with everyone, as it is fun and a good break.
-Frozen: The Musical (an actual show with great singers and dancers) about one hour long, AC, sitting down. My boyfriend was not very excited when we went the first time, but we had to go back and enjoyed himself both times.

Disneyland has less sitting down/AC spots.

If you are close, SoCal tend to be really hot from 12-4, so those could be good times to take a break. Are you staying in one of the property hotels?

Thank you. Good ideas. I’m still working through plans, waiting for official schedules to post.

We are not staying on property but within walking distance. It’s a tough balance - I am a die-hard-keep-going-until-you-drop type (like I was raised!:)) and my family likes to rest their weary feet. To keep them in the game, I have to compromise.