Mid morning MK food

In light of the park hours chanes, we will be getting to MK really early in 2 weeks (7am!). What can we eat mid morning?

Fruit and Nutella waffle at Sleepy Hollow or breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks…


Chicken waffle at sleepy hollow. Or the ham. But I like the chicken better

ETA: those are available after 11am. But worth the wait.

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What those guys said. The waffles from Sleepy Hollow are indeed great!

I also sometimes go for a cream cheese pretzel from the Lunching Pad in Tomorrow land - they are very nice too.

Gaston"s sweet roll or chocolate croissant.


Mickey Bar!! Or maybe a Dole Whip… Hey, it’s fruit juice!

Another vote for Sleepy Hollow here too. Wasn’t overly impressed with the service from the CMs (could’ve just been a bad day) but the waffles really hit the spot.

Another vote for Gaston’s cinnamon rolls! We had 3 over the course of our recent trip. Love the theming of the tavern.

Anyone know if they do a gluten free waffle there?