Mid May weather

Hi there, we just got back from an amazing trip, stayed 4-29-5/4, had very nice weather, only had one day when it showered, oh and our flight home was delayed on 5/4 due to strong storms, and lightening. I’m wondering for next year, is there much of a difference in weather between that week and second or third week of May? I’m considering a trip with my Mom, sister and kids week of Mother’s Day 2020. From what I’ve read rainy season doesn’t start until June, anyone have any perspectives?

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I don’t have seasonal data. Just anecdotal experience. I’ve been in FL for Mother’s Day three times and it remains my favorite season of the year to visit. I’ve never experienced even one “wash out” of a day, thought there has been a bit of rain each year.

heheh last year’s (2018) mother’s day week was a near-total washout (but the previous 2 weeks were stellar).

This year seems far better. And 2 weeks ago was absolutely stellar. I think you’ll be OK.

I was there last year during Mother’s Day week and it was pretty rainy but we still had a great time.

We were there April 27-May 3. We saw not a drop of rain until May 1 and it was a 5 minute pop up shower and the sun was out 5 minutes later. May 2 we had some spitting off and on and a decent 30 minute shower around 11 but the rest of the day was fine. I read there were heavy storms May 4 though and some just a few days ago.
From what I see April is much drier than May but May is still much drier than summer.

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The May 4th storm was brutal! But we were there 5/3-5/6 and the only rain we had was that…and wow, that was impressive. It lasted a few hours and cleared up on time for us to enjoy a wonderful late afternoon swim at Stormalong Bay!

Yeah! We were stuck in the airport on the 4th with a delayed flight home because of that storm!

We were on the safari during the worst of it. DS has never been so scared in his life. The thunder/lightning were soooo close. Even the animals, who normally love the rain, were scarce. I didn’t realize it was so bad until were already underway!

Check this out!


I love resortTV, but…you’d think they never saw rain before…


This happened to us on the Peoplemover in 2018. We foolishly left our ponchos in the stroller while we rode and the two year old was not pleased.

We were just there May 8-13 and it was hot AF. And those love bugs were everywhere! I would never go back in May, but this was for a cheer competition so we can’t choose the dates unfortunately.

The bugs were REALLY bad this year. I don’t remember them pretty much at all last year.

hehe photo from last year.

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Thanks for sharing everyone. Sounds like May is more unpredictable in terms of weather and the insect world!