Mid-Late August / Labor Day Weekend Memory Maker Share?

Been too slow to catch other MM share groups, but would love to join or create one.

My dates are Sept. 3-10, so I could reach back as far as August 10?

Let’s make it happen!!

I may be interested. We have the same dates!

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great, have you done one before? I have, but i didnt administer…hopefully we can get a few more

I’ve done one, but haven’t administered either. If we can get two more to join, I’m in.

Anyone interested?

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I’m going in that dates, I never did one, could you explain me how it work?

Ok, I now how it works now. I’m interesting. Count on me.
I’m going from 08/22 to 09/03

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We have three, lets get at least two more if we can, huh? It’s $129. I’ve split five ways before and it was well worth the $25.80.

Anyone? We can do 8/22 - 9/22.

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The cost is actually $169 now. They raised the price not too long ago. So with five people that would be $33.80 - still a great deal!

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Dang! They sure did!! I just did one in Dec. 2016. Wow. Thanks for the heads up.

But yes, still a bargain.

We are going 8/26-9/2 and are interested if still available.

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Great, then have only one left.

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rccheca can you figure out how to manage this? Or how do you want to handle?

It’s not hard - one person buys, then we all add the person who has bought as a friend so that all the photos show up in that person’s memory maker.

Once we have all finished our trips, we all have access to photos for a time (maybe 30 days?) to edit, add frames and such, delete the bad ones, etc. then when we are all done, the person downloads and we access the download and get the pics we want.

That’s my understanding through participating last year. I am quite a procrastinator, however, so it might be in y’alls best interest NOT to have me manage it. HA!

Room for one more? I’m there August 26.

Hi Cowanfamily4,

I think the correct way to do it is making a new ghost Disney account, then purchase the memory maker for this account, pass the pass to the group, previous paypal transfer, then each person has to add his own account as Family & friends to share photos & videos. Don’t you think?

Yes, we are 5 now.


Are all the people agree?

Yes, I think a ghost/dummy account is the best way. We can all message you our email addresses and we can coordinate details through email if that works for you.

Sure, better that way. Send me your emails and we’ll coordinate all details.

How smart! Sounds great! my email is mirebay@rittermail.com.

Thanks a bunch, rccheca!

Sounds great. My email is kteiden@yahoo.com

Perfect! Antoinette.snodgrass@gmail.com