Mid June Travel

We are visiting for the first time in summer next year – mid June. We have only previously visited over spring break or in October. So I’m nervous about this time period in terms of crowds and weather. because its a quick trip tagged on to a cruise, we have very limited park time to deal with weather. How bad is it in mid June? Based on my research, I think we should expect it to be hot, humid and rainy. Is that your experience? I Appreciate any insights/experience so I can stop worrying (or at least plan appropriately)! TIA!

We are going the same time right after Father’s Day. It’s hot but not too bad Orlando can reach 100+ in July and August, June does not get much over 90, so you’re looking at 85 give or take 5. Remember to bring: sun block, sun glasses (I would go to the $1 store and get back ups), Hats, While at the $1 store get rain gear, Remember cups of ice water are FREE. I’m very very over weight and don’t deal with the heat well, But I’m not worried. We did Sea World and Universal a few years ago and I had no problems with the heat and sun. The BEST THING about WDW is AC every where, If you’re hot step into a shop, show, or get a bite to eat.

My crowd level is 6-7 in the parks I want to go to during my trip so there will be people lots of people but my wait time are around 5-10 min for most things, but I can’t do some of the big rides like: SM, TT, BTM, ect…

Just relax and have fun.


I agree with @joefishing209.

My family was in Orlando the last 2 weeks of June in 2017 and found both the weather and crowds to be quite manageable. I arranged our touring plans so that we would be doing inside attractions or dining or taking a break in the afternoon when thunderstorms and/or peak heat were likely.

Our first week had surprisingly dry weather. The afternoons were hot, but the humidity was never unbearable. We had 1 thunderstorm disruption during Week 1 when we were at Universal. I can remember a couple of brief afternoon showers, but they didn’t disrupt our touring at all. We were at AK all day Friday of Week 1 and didn’t have any issues. We even did the 11:30 am Wild Africa Trek and the weather was fine. We definitely lucked out on Week 1; all the locals were commenting on how beautiful the weather was.
Week 2 was more humid and there was heavy rain in the afternoon on several days that shut down outdoor attractions/shows. However, the weather did not negatively impact our trip. Attractions are designed to run in the rain and many of the attractions are completely internal and unaffected by thunderstorm closures. A major thunderstorm came through on our final day of the trip at AK in the late afternoon and that shut down most of the park. We had already done the safari, the gorilla trail, KRR and EE that day so it wasn’t a big deal.

Crowd levels at WDW ranged from 5-7 on our park days. We were able to get every FPP that we wanted in advance. We never used EMH. I think the only time that we waited for more than 20 minutes for something was SM. We waited almost an hour for it and that was because 1) we were late arriving at the park and 2) SM actually went down while we were in line. Day-of FPP availability was better than I anticipated. At EP, I picked up TT in the afternoon for 5 people (Soarin was also an option). At DHS, I was able to get TSMM for 5 and then TGMR for 5 and I could have gotten another TSMM for all of us after that, but we decided we were done for the day. DHS was supposed to be a 7, but it rained heavily in the afternoon at DHS so that may have cleared out the crowds. The parks didn’t feel congested either expect for MK (hub/MS) at fireworks time and AK (Discovery Island/Pandora/Asia) when lots of people were arriving for ROL and Pandora at Night. I’m a DL regular and the smaller walkways there get easily congested so my view of a congested park will be different from a WDW regular.


We’ve gone June the last 2 years and will be going again this year (as soon as school lets out!). We usually get to the parks for rope drop, do a lunchtime table service reservation to allow time to cool off for a bit and then stay until around 2:00-2:30. Then back to the resort for a swim or rest. Sometimes we’ll head back at night, sometimes we’ll do Disney Springs and sometimes we just hang at the pool. It’s warm, but manageable. Our staples for that time of year are ponchos (we buy good quality ones we can use for the entire week - the cheap ones for us barely made it though one day with the constant taking them on and off), cooling towels and small misting fans (we used to get the big Disney ones, but since we’ve moved on from the stroller, there is no convenient place to leave them and you are stuck carrying those monstrosities!).

We move slower in June and take it a little easier. Instead of our normal 20,000 steps a day we do in December or February, we manage 13,000-15,000. But we haven’t found crowds to be a problem at all. We definitely enjoyed it, which is why we keep heading back then.

Thanks – it helps me to read the personal accounts. We aren’t afraid of rain (I’ve got my ponchos all set!). But the weird timing of this trip means I can’t hit rope drop. And we always hit rope drop. For some reason I’m having a hard time relaxing about this one, even though I know there is absolutely nothing I can do about the weather! Thanks again!