Mid-July hours for all except Epcot

The past 2 mornings, I’ve woken up to a Park Hours email for 7/18 (yesterday) and 7/19 (today), but they say that Epcot’s have not been released yet.

Is this common for the other 3 parks to release hours but not Epcot? Or should I now be even more worried that Illuminations will be over by then and they’ll be onto the new thing (that given my disdain for HEA I have very little faith in being anywhere near as good)?


According to Disney, Illuminations is supposed to run through “End of Summer 2019”.

I had the same thing happen for one of my trips! I thought is was my February trip but are you tracking one night? I believe I ended up looking at Kenny the Pirates site just to feel better.

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Yes, but who knows what they mean by “end”.


Yeah but I highly doubt July 14 is end of summer by any definition. They’re advertising it as Illuminations final year, I doubt they will end it earlier than Labor Day.

Hopefully you are correct (I am looking at 7/18-21), but until they put a firm date out, I will not be 100% confident.

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