Mid-Day Breaks

I never take mid-day breaks at Disney or Universal. However, for our upcoming trip next month, I am aware that it will be ridiculously hot and uncomfortable, and the kids really want some swim time, so I have resigned myself to taking mid-day breaks. Technically, we are going to be taking them a little bit later in the day, since we are staying Club level and will make “dinner” out of the evening hors d’oeuvres. We are staying onsite at Portofino Bay. Has anyone stayed there and taken breaks during the day? If so, how much time do you realistically think I should allot? I was thinking 4 hours from when we leave the park until we are back in the park. Thoughts?

I am wondering the same thing. We are staying at the Hard Rock but not club level. Looking forward to hearing the answers. When will you be there?

We are there August 16th thru 20th. You are in a better position, because you are so close to the parks, you only need between 5 to 10 minutes to walk from the park to the hotel. I realize we are the farthest hotel away, so I’m very unsure about how much time I need. When will you be there?

August 15-27 in Florida. August 20 & 21 at Universal. Looks like we will just miss you!

My kids are super stoked for the Hard Rock especially Mr. 15 as we have a left handed guitar reserved for him to play


We will overlap one day! I will wave as I pass by the Hard Rock!

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We’re at Hard Rock August 20-23! Maybe we’ll see you there. We are planning 3-4 hour breaks in the afternoon on our park days (the 21st and 22nd). Take advantage of what I hear is a great pool.

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we did stay at Portofino in December and did leave around 2 for swimming, it was warm enough and sometimes nap my kids ages 8 and 10. At Christmas the park opened at 6 central time so they were waking up at 5 in their brains. We would go back around 7 as we were also club and at dinner there and stayed til around 10. So we were gone for around 5 hours. We did not ride much when we returned but toured WWoHP mostly. The food was great so we never really ate in the park. Sometimes we walked but most times rode the boat. You will love PBH it was so nice!


I am jealous you had those long hours! I just got an email that the parks are both now closing at 9, instead of one at 9 and one at 10. I’m totally bummed out!