Microwaves at CBR?

A lot of info on the web about CBR says no microwaves in room, but I think I heard recently that the rooms have them now. Can someone please confirm? Specifically we are in the Pirate Rooms - are they there?

I can’t answer your question, @TangledInJersey, but I’m posting to see if we can move this up on the “latest” list and hopefully get you an answer. Sort like a “bump for answer” on the main chat - hope that Is that appropriate etiquette on the forum!

Ok, I Googled this and all I can find is that microwaves are in the food court, not in the rooms. I tried to Google it because I cannot think of any Disney room other than DVC that has a microwave.

The site i saw which mentioned microwaves is on touringplans. But since is the only place i see, was not sure if is copy/paste issue or something new that was added to the rooms. Here is the link mentioning…
Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Rooms don’t have microwaves. You’ll need to go to the food court

No microwaves in CBR rooms in April. AOA suites does have them.