My schedule hasn’t changed for at least a week now. I’ve had some hotel wobbles, but haven’t changed anything. And there’s nothing to do till my FPPs open up later in the month.

So I’ve started obsessing about exactly what I’m going to take with me. And this has led to what I’m calling microshopping — buying little things specifically for this trip.

Today’s item: an all-plastic belt so that I don’t have to take it off during security, thus reducing the time spent there and the stress.

What microshopping do you do?

Miniature toiletries, like sun cream for the first couple days in case my luggage gets lost.

Mini fan, any kind of travel accessories.

Portable charger, sharpies (for autographs), bounty paper towels infused with dawn dish soap.

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General gear usually. Got kids good sling bags last trip, which was worth the $15 each just for the dedicated phone pocket in the strap so we didn’t have to deal with the “WHERE DID YOU PUT YOUR PHONE NOW?” game eleventy times each day.

I think my best purchase was a set of cotton Croakie around-the-neck sunglasses holders for me and kids. I have to use sunglasses 89% of any given day and being able to just drop them down on my neck whenever was great.

There are dish soap infused paper towels? Seriously?

I need to get to the grocery store more often! But… my husband does most of that so actually I’ll pass!!!

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There are! I had to order mine on Amazon because I couldn’t find them in stores. It was so handy for washing out cups!

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4-inch charge cord to connect my battery packs to my phone. I go through so much charge in the parks, and not dealing with a 4-6 foot cord saves huge headache.

Portable charger already received. A waterproof phone case with a neck strap on its way. Next probably blister prevention patches.

Interesting. Would have never thought of that. Have you had belts that are problematic in the past? I’ve never had a belt set off a metal detector…but the buckles are generally rather small. And since I don’t wear expensive belts, the metal in them might not be of the type that would set anything off. But getting an all plastic belt to prevent it, regardless, seems smart if it would otherwise be a problem.

I always make sure I have eye glass bands. Of course, most of the rides at Disney don’t warrant them, but Rip Ride Rocket and the Hulk coaster do. I’m blind as a bat (as it were) without my glasses, so losing them would ruin things. So, I do the geeky-looking thing and have the bands that attach to the glasses and go behind the head to ensure there is NO possible way I’ll lose my eye wear.

This was my most used pre holiday purchase. Made my life so much easier knowing my phone was there and protected and I had quick access to the camera if a character happened to walk by as I didn’t have to get it out of a pocket/bag

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Actually that’s the one thing I’m looking forward to not doing for this trip. I packed all those things in a bag last time so I’d have them handy fir our next trip to Disney. Recently I did learn about a water filter STRAW that I thought was interesting and added it to my amazon wish list as a potential purchase.

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I’ve always thought you had to remove all belts before going through the scanners. Certainly in the U.K., even for internal flights, that’s what the signs say.

I’be interested if @profmatt gets away with not removing his belt.

Just made my dollar store run: Clorox wipes small packs, over the door hooks, pop up hamper, disposable rain ponchos, inflatable beach balls …

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We use the trick where you soak some new sponges in dish soap and put them in ziplocs.
I usually cut up regular size sponges into half size, since we want them to be sort of disposable rather than reusable. Use them a few times, then toss.

Really helps with the mugs after you put coffee in them!


I do this as well. I also cut up facial sponges and soak them in face wash so I can leave my bottle of face wash at home.


My plan is to wear the plastic belt and not remove it. They’re not going to see it. And if I don’t set off the metal detectors I’m not going to get a pat-down. So I should be OK.

Yes, this is an essential for me, too. I have three in the house right now. I can only find one of them :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve been practising packing my day bag (I’m 81 days out so time is getting short): glasses case, paperback book, phone with battery pack, small pouch of medical supplies, flannel (aka washcloth), disposable poncho, AirPods (Apple wireless headphones), mini-wallet, . . .

I’m also filling my “Disney drawer” with stuff to pack in my main bags: small binoculars, noise-cancelling headphones, cables and leads, US USB plug, Magic Band from last year, VIP lanyard, . . .

As well as my plastic belt, I’ve ordered a new watch strap for my Apple Watch — the Nike Sport strap with holes: much better for hot, humid weather.

My packing cubes are all ready to get filled up. Will be using the new suitcase I bought last year. Carry-on only for me.

Oh, I need to see if my suit still fits as I’m taking that with me to wear at V&A. I already own a suit carrier. (And because I’m travelling Virgin Upper Class I can have two items of cabin baggage. Plus my day bag.)

Using my great Tilley hat I bought last year. My new waterproof shoes are currently being broken in.

Now . . . what have I forgotten?

Oh that is smart! I’ll have to check one out!

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