Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Dates

Does anyone know when the MVMCP dates are released? I need to decide my ADR by late May, and it all depends on which park I will be visiting on each day.

I see that Touring plans predicts which days will be MVMCP, but how accurate is that?

I wouldn’t even think about exact dates until 6 months out, and it could be closer than that when Disney releases them. The TP info, like all of their predictions, is based on historic data - but for this year’s party dates, Disney could do just about anything it wanted to do…

I am in the same boat! Arriving to WDW on Black Friday and hoping to attend the following Tuesday’s MVMCP…

If it makes you feel better, Touring Plan’s dates and MVMCP dates for 2016 lined up perfectly. I had no issues with the MVMCP dates.

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That does make me feel much better! Who am I kidding though? I’ll be checking every other day for the dates to release, till I hit my 180 days :slight_smile:

Yeah, I would be checking too just cuz I’m OCD… Are you attending the party? I have been once, and it was GREAT!!

Yes! Glad to hear it was worth it, some say it isn’t, but I’ve decided to go for it!

Definitely a once and done for us. We also want to try the Halloween party some time.
For us, the party was about seeing the parade and the fireworks, and one of the shows. We did not choose to wait in line with party only characters, and we didn’t ride anything. We also left shortly after 11 pm.

Definitely plan your party hours though. If I didn’t have a plan, I would not have enjoyed myself.

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2017 Dates have been released but no prices. We will be at WDW 11/16-11/20/17. Currently have to decide if we should attend on 11/16 our arrival day or 11/17. Thoughts??

I wouldn’t plan for arrival day, just in case. Also, where do you see the dates, on Disney’s site?

If you click on events and then MVMC, it will say schedule is not available but when you click on it and click read more, they are listed.

They are also listed on the touringplans.com blog.

I’m trying to decide on arrival day vs a Friday. I know arrival day is hard . Sometimes kids are too tired ( and me) but Friday maybe much busier than a Tuesday.