Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2018

We will be at WDW the week after Thanksgiving this year, and based on y’alls experience, was MVMCP worth it during that time? We have two kids under 3 years old. I have heard it’s so crowded that it is miserable, but what are you guy’s thoughts?

We loved the party in 2014 but we were admittedly focused on the rides and the fact that the lines were super short. My kids were pre-teens at the time though, not toddlers. I have heard the lines for character greets are very long, but that’s not something we are interested in, so that never affects us. As with everything, your mileage will vary depending on what you and your kids’ interests are.

My group went to the party on the 28th of November (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) and it was ridiculously crowded. It was myself, my mom and my 2 year old. We focused mainly on parade and fireworks and characters and I feel like we barely did/saw anything because we had to camp out a spot for the parade and fireworks. We had to do the first parade because the little guy (or my mom!) wasn’t going to make it to the later ones. We will not be going to back to a MVMCP until my DS is older and we can wait it out for the later parade and shows. It’s just not worth it in my opinion. We did not do any rides so I can’t speak to the lines there.

Seems like I chose the wrong date. We are going on Nov 27th.

I will say that I had dismissed the idea of the holiday dessert parties, but I think had we done that it would have been a completely different experience. I would have been worth the money in my opinion - and a lot less stress.

I really liked the party in the first week of December 2016 and went twice with my sister and nephew. Then this past year I took a solo trip for just a few days the week after Thanksgiving. Went to MVMCP on Nov 28th. I think 2 days sold out that week including the 28th. I thought it was super-crowded for a party. Pretty good waits for the rides that I went on, but cookie lines were long and Fantasyland was mobbed. I went to the dessert party and left.

I was deciding between the 27th and 29th myself. It was $20 cheaper on the 29th for two adults and a child. Although when I called they said tickets for the 29th were already “Limited availability”