Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2017

So excited to have the opportunity to go to MVMCP. I do not know what to expect and I am a planner. Can you help me with tips on how to get the most out of this special event?

This years trip will be our first to MVMCP also.
I’m currently trying to find a good balance between the rarer character meet & greets like Jack Skellington, parades, shows & headliner rides with low wait lines. So I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread for suggestions.


I would identify all your “must do” activities. Character meet and greets can have long lines and if that is your priority you should know that other things will have to be taken off your list.

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My first time too - in fact our first trip to WDW!

I am going to ride 7DMT with FP+ before party starts, try to meet 7 Dwarfs & Sandy Claws, watch all the entertainment, eat all the treats (except sugar cookies - not worth the calories!), and then ride Jingle Cruise after the last parade.

Does this seem like too much? No kids and I’m a fast walker.

Our first MVMCP this year also, in early December. Going with an extended party of 5 adults, 5 kiddos. I’m really hoping the kids can hang in there for the whole thing - I’m optimistic with my two even though they are young (6 & 4 at trip time), so we’ll see. Our group would love to get a photo of all 10 of us with the 7 Dwarfs, so that could really eat up some time if we aren’t prepared with a plan. I’m also personally looking forward to a photo with Mary Poppins & Bert - preferably with just me in it, LOL! Not that my kids can’t have one too, but you know us adults have our own character favorites!

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Check out the three ready-made TPs for MVMCP at https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/touring-plans/miscellaneous - they will give you a good base to start your own planning. Also, check out the map from last year’s party, as it will give you a good idea as to what will be on offer for the 2017 party https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wdwprepmedia/MVMCP2016.pdf


Thanks so much. This is exactly the info I needed!