Mickey's Tales of Adventure Breakfast

We are beginning to plan our visit to Disneyland and were wondering if anyone had any insight on the new Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast at the Grand Californian. We’ve enjoyed the buffet at Storytellers multiple times, but were wondering about the new breakfast format. Can anyone let me know what it’s like? What characters are there? The cast member I chatted with last night wasn’t terribly forthcoming.

On a separate note - have you visited Trader Sam’s with kids? Wondering about that, too!

Several liners have done it & reported back on Chat within the Lines app. Their experience was generally positive (one commented that in terms of the characters, it was much like Tusker House at Animal Kingdom if you’ve ever done that to compare). There were reports of some disorganization with characters coming to tables & a lot of tables getting skipped, having to notify CMs to get all characters come to the table.

The characters available (subject to change based on scheduling, etc) are: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip & Dale all in new Adventurer outfits that are kinda a cross between safari & scouts. Looks very very darling.

The reports of the food are still as great as ever too!

We went on July 16th for my birthday and had a great time. Food was good and character interaction was great! Pluto was even able to get the rest of my bah-hum-bug family out of their seats to take pictures. When we went, we saw Minnie, Pluto and Chip. I could have spoke with someone about not seeing Mickey, but we were wet (and had been up since 5 am) and ready to head back to the hotel. I was the only one excited to see the characters anyway. Our reservation was for 11, but we went in at 10:45 and we were seated within 5 min. We were soaked from GRR, so I don’t recommend that!


You & your boys are adoarable!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

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Awwww, shucks (said in the best goofy voice I can muster!)!

I need to spend more time on this forum. Y’all are my people. :slight_smile: Adorable pics! My girls are younger, but I hope we still have as much fun as you and your fam in a few years!


Yes, come join us on the forum! We love new Disney-loving people! :smile::smile::smile:

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