Mickey's Philharmagic, should we do this on our first day at MK?


We will be in MK for a few days, is the Philharmagic something that should be done on the first day? Maybe because it will increase our enjoyment of other rides, and help get us in the Disney vibe. Kids are 5&7. I recall reading something months ago, but can't remember exactly what it said.


Following..I wasn't excited about it but interested in kids reaction at to it at 4 & 5.


It's a fun show and is a good option when the MK is crowded. I don't know that it would "enhance" other experiences.


Depends really... obviously everyone's opinions will be different. I LOVE Disney music and it features a lot of the great music from the 90's Disney films (Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin, etc.) so for me it's one of my favorite attractions. In my opinion, it's highly underrated. It's just a theater attraction so I think it gets discounted a lot but it's got the sights, smells, sounds, and a few other surprises so for me, it's a must but you're experience may differ.


I love this attraction because of the extra magic you can add by catching the red jewel or string of pearls. We did it towards the beginning of our 7-10 day trips and it added to the overall magic. Something magical happened and the kiddos were looking for magic every where. :relaxed: DNiece 5 and DNephew 7 on separate trips.


AuntB, I agree completely. DS was 4 or 5 the first time I pulled a jewel out of the air. Same trip, we "caught" the golf ball on Soarin'. He's now 14 and still loves Philharmagic because of those memories.


PilharMagic is one of my favorite attractions. I would do it on your first day because it is one of those attractions you may want to do a second time on your next day.


Thanks everyone. Does it need to be a red gem? or will any color work please?


I believe their are several colors but the red is the one that "comes out the furthest"


We did Philarmagic today. Did not bring any jewels, but DS7 loved, loved, loved it anyway! My DH and I loved it too, by the way :grinning:


It doesn't necessarily need to be done on the 1st day, but you should see it at least once. It's fun, and the kids will love it. I'd save it for mid-afternoon when it's hot out and the popular rides are crowded.


My kids, ages 4 and 6 LOVE Philharmagic, and would do it several times every trip if they could. One thing I will add that hasn't been discussed......It is indoor, which means it is still operating during lightning and thunder, whereas all the outdoor rides are not. So keep it in mind for the typical Florida afternoon storms.


Glad you're having a great time!!


Thanks for the in park response. I will make sure it on our plans at least twice. Thanks everyone.